Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week #7 Scrap Whisper challenge - useing a cartoon for inspiration

This cartoon of Garfield inspired this layout. Garfield answers Jon's question of "are those frozen peas?" by saying " they're all the rage this season." I took a student team 4 years ago to England. While on a tour of London, our first day there, I tripped and fell on my knee.

Hidden journaling reads:
I took a team of students to England over the Easter break from school. While sightseeing in London, I fell. The only thing I could use for an ice pack was a bag of frozen peas. I told someone that my "pea" bag and I were inseparable . You really need to watch how you say things.

Under the tag is a copy of an award that my team gave me. "The Bag of Peas" award.

I can laugh at this incident now. Wasn't so easy then.


Lydia said...

You did a fabulous job with this challenge. Great layout!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!! Great job on the challenge :)